Every year at the pride parade you always get a small group of people taking up space sharing opinion while  holding signs that read something like “God hates fags” or  “Fags go to hell”. 

I remember thinking if God hates all fags and all fags go to Hell then maybe Hell isn’t that bad of a place. I begun to imagine Hell as a giant fiery gay disco-tech with handsome men dancing in shiny hot pants to disco, drinking and having the time of their life. Hell didn’t seem that bad. 

Every Christmas I go back to Canada to look after my father, he is 83 and in failing health and his favourite things to do are nap, jigsaw puzzles and drink tea. I love him but during his endless nap time spending time in his home can tik tock so slow like watching paint dry. 

Lucky this year I had Netflix and while he was napping I found a documentary called Hail Satan. I felt really naughty watching it as the word or thought of Satan is loaded with stigma and also I was worried my dad would wake up and catch me watching it. I felt horrible of the thought that he would think that now as a father he has had to except me for being gay and on top of that a Satan worshiper! 

But he slept like a baby threw the hole thing as I surprisingly and excitedly explored the concept of Satan worship. Hail Satan is a documentary about  Satan worshipers who protest against the christian statuesque of American ideals. Members of the satanic group challenge church and government they fight for the separation  of church and  state constantly keeping the debate alive threw somewhat outlandish and clever protests to remind people that not every one is christian and that all people don’t have to be subjected to christian privileged ideals. 

The film is interesting in many ways but one thing it dose is  debunk  myth and misconception of Satan worshipers. These people are not people who sacrifice goats and have orgies with snakes but instead a group of rational leftists thinkers creatively fighting for the equality, diversity and to keep the religious crap out of politics.

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